Polling News

March 22, 2016

Clout Research on the Mark in Ohio!

Columbus, OHIO – After a tumultuous springtime with wild swings in the polls and weird swings from campaigns, Clout Research stood head and shoulders above the rest in identifying the margin of victory by which Ohio Governor John Kasich would likely win his home state.

In their survey conducted about a week before the election, Clout showed Kasich leading by 8 points, and also showed that that margin was likely to grow, as late-deciders identified in the survey were moving into Kasich’s corner. In the end, Kasich won by 11%.

In fact, among early voters casting ballots in Ohio before the survey was conducted, Trump actually led Kasich by three points. But, as has been the case in several key states so far this election season, Trump faded the closer voters got to the voting deadline.

Clout’s results in Ohio are just the latest in a long string of successes measuring voter sentiment on a wide variety of issues and political races up and down the ballot. Clout continues to distinguish itself as a firm that is able to properly measure the political and public arena issues of voters and Americans nationwide.